Welcome to the trailer towing training centre blog

Welcome to THE TRAILER TOWING TRAINING CENTRE, 4TC for short. Four T‘s and a C

The Trailer Towing Training Centre was born from driving school roots many years ago, when trailer training was run along side ‘L-driver’ lessons.

Back then, individuals use to call to book in a small course to tow for the Scouts, Cadets or to tow horse-box trailers and it just ticked over.

As more and more people realised that since 1997 they were no longer allowed to tow trailers over a certain weight, enquiries started to build.  Also organisations started to realise that they were vulnerable to the change of entitlement on driving licences, therefore we started to receive more enquiries from the corporate sectors.

Having developed and diversified, a corporate division was designed to conduct trailer towing training as well as work-related road safety for organisations who wanted to comply with health and safety legislation, such as The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, then came the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008 and most recently the Health and Safety Offences Act.

Basically, as far as HSE are concerned, anyone who drives a vehicle as part of their duties must be correctly trained and advised on how to minimise the risks to themselves and others, including pedestrians.  If they tow as part of thier duties then more training is needed as well as the correct entitlement on their driving licence.  These legislations count if the vehicle is owned by the organisation or privately owned, whether the driver is employed, self-employed, sub-contracted or a volunteer.  Which basically covers all industries.

If the company have towing trailers, then the driver must know the correct and safe procedure for coupling/hitching and uncoupling/unhitching, as well as safe outfit combinations and loading safely and securely.  Failure to ensure correct training could lead to disastrous consequences for the organisation as well as possible danger for the driver.

Anyway, as the list of clients grew, time has come to separate trailers from Fleet/corporate driver development and risk assessment.

Welcome to The Trailer Towing Training Centre.

We aim to become the premier trailer towing training establishment in the UK.  A place of knowledge, professionalism and high service standards.  An Oracle for users and clients and the first port of call for anyone who wants to learn to tow or retrain.

Our services will not only cover the corporate sector, but will gladly offer the same standard of training and services to individuals how want to tow for whatever their purpose, whether it is to tow a caravan, boat, car or horse-box.

Add our website to your favourites: http://4tcltd.co.uk  and visit regularly for updates and feeds, and to see us grow.

email us at info@4tcltd if you have questions and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with your answer or if you are an ADI and wish to gain a new skill, book a training course and you may be able to join our team.

That’s all for now, blog again soon.

About towingtraining
We offer high quality and professional trailer training for towing horse boxes, caravans and catering units, plant, Scouts, boats, racing cars and many more

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